21. Rippled Real Feel

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Silicone lube on silicone toys is not an appropriate solution: it will stick to the material and dry right away causing unpleasant sensations. Some lubes can even disintegrate the material. Oil-based lubricants are hard to clean, especially if your silicone pussy has a solid construction and cannot be disassembled. Pro tip ?3: Handle it carefully. Pros of Vivid Raw: Realistic look and feel;. Hard to clean;. 21. Rippled Real Feel. The best time I’ve had is when I plug in the hole on the other side with my finger. The hole is usually for cleaning but plugging it in gives the stroker a slight vacuum. It combines the feeling of oral sex with fucking a pussy and the feeling is indescribable. How could I even begin to say what it feels like? (more…)

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